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Experience – Boldly Embody Life


Let the body lead
and the mind learn

You already have the answers to the questions you’ve been asking – it’s simply a matter of access and action.


These experiences are designed to allow you to explore new ideas about yourself, take a deeper look into who you are, and learn simple yet profound life lessons that will truly transform your life.


For For the woman looking to clear her mind, rinse her heart, and fall in love with life again


In this 2 1/2 day immersion, you’ll connect with desire and depth, clarify your personal truth and what matters most to you, build connections with yourself and other women, gain freedom from the bonds of control and perfection, and dance your mind, body, and spirit into your next big breakthrough.

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For those seeking to up their game as a true leader in life


You’ll come away from this intensive coaching and facilitation year-long program able to inspire others to get into the heart of their life, their family, their work, their goals, and their dreams. No matter what you choose to do with your Elevate education, you will create your own unique fingerprint on who and how you are in this world, and create meaningful results around you.

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Sacred Bliss

For Grace graduates ready to immerse themselves spiritually and sensually


A 6-day retreat in a beautiful location where we unplug from the technologies of life and restore, rejuvenate, and plug in to the depth and breadth of our life-force energy. We’ll deepen our practices from Grace and indulge in a smorgasbord of “soul food”…It’s a mind, body, and soul YES!

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