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Grace is

Come home to what’s true
for you

Grace is for the woman who feels successful but unfulfilled.


For the woman who wants to have it all and is losing herself
and is ready to embody her values and what really matters.

For the woman who has learned that diamonds are not her best friend,
and who is ready to boldly own her voice and choices.

For the woman who feels like half her soul is under lock and key,
and whose sex drive is buried under her Wonder Woman cape.

For the woman facing life’s transitions and looking to take them on with poise and power.

For the woman who is looking to clear her mind, rinse her heart,
and fall in love with life again.

Grace is for you.

Your experience includes

2.5 days of live, experiential learning

Move your body, move your mind, dance with your soul, and feel your heart open. Reflect on your experiences, integrate what you learn, and practice how to apply it in your life. You’ll engage in life practices on your own, with a partner, and in a group, all that ignite passion, joy, and graceful ease.

Cross-training for life 

Have a Grace-certified coach stand beside you while you look in the direction of your vision, practice your emotional fitness and develop your intention.

Reconnect with your divine design

Spend time in nature, take walks, tap into your creative self. You will learn several mindfulness practices to take care of the greatest asset – you.

Time to contemplate, reflect and integrate

Explore what you learn and experience throughout the weekend through writing, a practice that offers deep opportunity for contemplation. We’ll use it to open up parts of ourselves we may never before have dared to go, all in a safe space designed for reflection.

Grace was born

from a profoundly personal plea to live life with meaning and purpose, as the woman I was meant to be.

About 20 years ago I was feeling bombarded with thousands of expectations, beliefs, and paradigms around what a woman is, who a woman is, how she should and shouldn’t be.


I realized that there were these constructs – which have been passed down for generations, and many of which I took on unintentionally – and I started to see that they were the very impediments, obstacles, and limitations that were preventing me from being the woman I knew I was deep inside, on some level.


I knew I wasn’t living the fullness of who I am, but I didn’t know exactly what that was, or how to live that.




Grace was designed from my desire to be supported in coming home to myself. But it was also much more than that.


It was to provide an opportunity for other women – for you – to experience your self, your own personal journey of mind, body, and spirit connection and integration.


Grace is a safe harbor. It’s for you to enter in, and for 2.5 days, set aside the quantity of your life, and begin to really focus on its quality.

Krista Petty Raimer
Founder of Boldly Embody Life

Gain more than
you could ever imagine

During your 2.5 day immersion into Grace, you will:

Meet other women just like you

 Dance from your heart

 Clarify your truth and what matters

 Get 1:1 life coaching

 Live with intention

 Build connection, passion and freedom

 Celebrate and fall in love with life

 Find desire and depth again

Take your next bold move

 Develop ways to interrupt patterns that keep you stuck

 Gain freedom like never before experienced

 Increase personal power

 Create a guide for living life on your own terms

 Do daily practices to clear your mind and rinse your heart

 Participate in an exercise in courage and wholehearted living

 Discover a sacred community

 Rinse your heart of life’s grit


Over 10,000 women have participated in Grace


Held in over 20 locations around the world, like Lima, Mexico City, and Los Angeles.


Most exotic location: A gorgeous Puerto Rican rainforest retreat

We’re committed…

 If you’re ready to exercise your courage and practice whole-hearted living…

If you long to create connection in sacred community…

Clear your mind, rinse your heart, and
fall in love with life again.

Grace was everything I needed that I didn’t even know I needed.


– Jennifer Korehe, Behavioral Therapist

When and Where

Join us in these upcoming 2018 Grace experiences

San Diego, California
April 27-29, 2018


Denver, Colorado
July 27-29, 2018


Seattle, Washington
October 12-14, 2018


San Diego, California
October 26-28, 2018

You are already a

Whether you join us or not, take this piece of wisdom with you:

Michelangelo said that before he created the statue of David, he already saw that statue, within the marble. It was simply a matter of taking the chisel and the hammer and chipping away everything that wasn’t the masterpiece.

As we come along in our lives, we as human beings attract, add in, and create much of what is not the masterpiece. We get confused and think that that’s who we are – that we are the marble.

But we are not the marble.

We are the masterpiece within, waiting to be seen.

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