You Don’t “Have” a Breakthrough

…You “Live” Your Breakthroughs


How many times have you felt like WOW I think I finally understand why I do what I do? This rush of awareness and excitement to see yourself and/or life from a new perspective that feels empowering and alive, only to have the awareness fade over time and the old patterns and behaviors come back.


So, is that a breakthrough? Did you actually break through to the other side of something? Was there a breaking away from old patterns and moving through with something new and different? And what’s the big deal about breakthroughs anyway? Why do they seem so important in the world of coaching, personal growth and emotional intelligence.


Sitting down with people who have been on a journey of self discovery and growth I often hear this idea of “having a breakthrough” as if it stops there. Like having a baby and it stops after “having” it. It doesn’t really stop at the having level. To have something does not necessarily mean we use something. To have an awareness does not guarantee I live that awareness in attitude, behavior or actions. Does it?


When we experience an aha moment, a fresh perspective or realize something that we hadn’t realized before it feels very powerful. There is this rush of insight and freedom to move around in a whole new way. A sense of “I GOT IT!”.  And you know what, in that moment the awareness alone feels like it’s the golden ticket. However those golden tickets, if they stay only at the level of realize it, “got it” and “have it”, begin to lose their value.


We must live the breakthroughs, otherwise it was just a “break” from your habitual patterns versus moving through to creating new habits and patterns that ignite your life.




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