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Choose Your Word of the Year for 2018
2018 Word of the Year
What will yours be?
2018 Word of the Year
#myWOTY #WOTY2018

Throw out the laundry list of New Year Intentions this year and replace them with one word to live by in 2018.

Whether it’s joy or freedom or focus or buoyancy or respect or love or… well, the possibilities are endless, really. The point is to infuse next year’s journey with what matters.  To you.

Imagine activating your own power and magic by using a powerful word to use as a compass throughout the year. Having a word you come back to throughout the year will support you in living your life by design, with intention.

And in 2018… we want to light up the world. We’re creating a community of people walking together with intention, lighting up their own lives, AND the lives of those around them.

How's that for a BOLD 2018 intention?
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What's it like to live for a year guided by one word?

Last year, one woman journeyed with the word FREEDOM, and took on her life by getting sober, choosing to spend time with people who supported her, and letting go of people and habits that kept her on her own hamster wheel of avoidance and misery.

She took on new challenges by making time to take care of herself, and stretch her limits by taking a class she’d always wanted to try. When she bogged down throughout the year, she, or her friends, would remind her, ”what’s your word of the year? And how would living that word support you now?”

Another lived with the word LIBERTY and found herself coming back again and again to the questions, “how do I liberate myself from the confines of my own mind and push through the fears of moving from secure job to sacred livelihood?”  

She realized she had been “should-ing” all over her dreams. Placing more value on what others thought she should do professionally rather than listening to her own heart and soulful prompts to move, dance and jump toward her passions. It took her all year, but when she finally jumped, she LEAPED for it. Powerful, right?!
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