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Wisdom of the Trees (Hour of Power Part 2)

As promised, this week I want to share a bit more about my Hour of Power practice, including a deeper dive into the what and how I clear my mind, rinse my heart and focus each day. If you missed my last blog, check it out here where I share a general outline of my Hour of Power from start to finish. These are just a few things I hope you can use as you create your own self care practices. It’s so important to take care of yourself in this sometimes crazy, and certainly exciting life.




There’s something incredibly honest about trees in the fall, they are experts in letting go.  So each day I practice sitting with the wisdom of the trees and close my eyes, clear my mind, rinse my heart and let go… a practice of emptying out.


Although this is a daily process and simple in concept, it is a bit more difficult in practice.  It seems I’ve been conditioned to avoid emptiness and letting go. It runs contrary to the trend to fill the calendar, stay busy as a sign of importance, over feeding, overwhelm, too much, all the while feeling not enough in a crazy cycle of bigger, better, and more consumerism.  


And so I keep practicing.  


No I don’t need another cute whole foods shopping bag or serving of sweet potato fries (damn). I don’t need to fit another appointment in my already overfilled day. I don’t need to say yes to everyone that must speak with me or another pair of black shoes or greeting card for that special moment. I do love these things and indulge once in awhile, however I can tell when I am filling up on things because I am avoiding. Avoiding setting boundaries, saying no or simply the discomforts of living a very full life.  Distracting myself from sitting down with me and letting go, emptying out.     


Returning to my daily practice, my Hour of Power starts with relaxing my mind and letting go of any thoughts that are on a continuous loop playing my least supportive lyrics.  Songs like, “I have so much to do today” or “really, you think that’s what people want to read?” or “I don’t want to do this, this sucks…I’m so done!”  You know, those thoughts that seem to send me down a path that I already know ends in Avenue F.  (I fondly refer to Avenue F as the avenue that ends with “fuck this!”)  


When I notice those thoughts flooding my awareness, I gently bring my focus to my breath and take a few minutes to simply breathe and focus on my inhale and exhale. If emotions come to the surface, I give myself permission to feel whatever I am feeling, doing my best not to judge or assess.  


Sometimes emotions can feel like waves in the ocean, building and tumbling, constant and unyielding, or gentle, rolling movement. Whatever the emotions, I simply notice and once again come back to my breath. Focusing on the inhale and exhale, the thoughts and emotions will most times subside and move through.  


This is the practice of letting go and emptying out. This is a few minutes of opening the release valve and letting go of the tension that builds up over time. This is a few minutes everyday to sit with myself, clear my mind and rinse my heart. Like the trees in fall, I sit with the honesty and wisdom of knowing when it’s time to let go, to empty-out and create space for so something new and/or different to begin.


If you find wisdom in these words share them – Join us in spreading an epidemic of love and learning.


AND… stay tuned in the coming weeks as I continue to share with you the primary areas I connect with each day in my Hour of Power.


With deep gratitude and overflowing love,



*Gracious thanks to Pacheco’s photo via Flickr & CC license (no changes made)


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4 responses to “Wisdom of the Trees (Hour of Power Part 2)”

  1. Valuable and comforting words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing. I like to read from someone that I know practices what she preaches. Love, Ely

  2. Kim Warner says:

    The visuals are supportive and this is inspiring! Knowing that you practice exactly as you teach and coach and encourage others! Powerful! Thank you! Big Love, K

  3. Barbie Haven says:

    I loved reading this. It makes me pause and reflect on what I might be filling up with in order to avoid. I also love knowing that you practice practice practice. It reminds me that we never “arrive” and nobody is perfect (or rather that we are all perfectly imperfect). Love, Barbie

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