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Take a Seat in Your Heart + Soul

Today, begin.  Create time, no matter how brief, for sacred time today.


Intentional time, space and place.  A time designated by you to take a seat with yourself.  To connect, commune and create.  A tending to self as your greatest resource.


Intentional learning, loving and living.


We are bombarded by information and expectations daily.  And often times we lose our seat.  The seat inside ourselves.  The seat inside our mind, heart and life.  We get “bucked off”.  We get “unseated”.  These are a few of the simple practices I use to create sacred time and space.  To take a seat inside my own heart and soul.


Keep it simple.


You may start with 5-10mins daily.  Start somewhere.  Start now…


Three areas to connect with each day:


Empty out- What would you like to empty out, release, let go of…meditation and movement


Fill up- What would you like to fill up on…inspiration, reading, cards, music


Focus forward- Focus for the day and see yourself moving through your day with focus and flow. Both/And




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