our biggest problem

Sometimes Our Biggest Problem

…Is Not Having a Problem


Throughout my coaching career I have sat with thousands of people and listened to their “problems”. What stops them, what they struggle with and what continuously gets in their way of creating the results they want. At some point in the initial listening I become aware of this interesting phenomenon that occurs.


Some individuals get really attached to their problems. So attached that the problems become like life companions. Weird, right? Problems as life companions. And yet when asked to set those problems down for a moment, seems to increase stress or confusion or the person in front of me becomes disoriented in their thinking.


Why? Because up until now they have defined themselves and their life by where they are relative to the problems. They define their life based on what the problem decides about them. What if there was a different perspective? What would life look like if they set down the problem and lived a new possibility?




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