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Pole Vaulting Over Mouse Turds…

So I’m boarding an airplane on my way to Sun Valley Idaho for a girlfriend’s retreat and as I arrive at my seat I notice my seat-mate is a petite and smiling woman.  As I sit-down next to her, I can see that she is TINY in body and TOWERING in energy and passion.


As I settle in, she immediately looks at me – looks me straight in the eyes and says “Oh, we’re going to be friends!”.  Throughout the flight, she begins teaching me life lessons left and right, and I walk away from that one and a half hour flight with what come to be equally towering life lessons.


What a gift you are in my life Marty!


These are 3 of the Life Lessons I use on a daily basis, starting with the actual quote from Marty:


Be aware that there are people out there where they’re ‘All Hat, No Cattle’


Be aware of those folks that look the part but don’t have the experience and therefore wisdom of time in the saddle of life.  They may have everything that looks the way it’s supposed to look, but when you get a little closer you realize it’s all show and no go – there’s no real substance behind it – it looks the part but it’s not really living the part.  It’s important to develop your ability to identify these people in your life and hold them in compassion but not commitment.


After this first life lesson I respond with “Wow – my mind is blown – this has been the most valuable trip I’ve been on in years – thank you!” She looks at me and says “Oh darlin’ I’m just getting started”  And she continues…


Emotions Are Like Kids in the Car


You can’t lock them in the trunk and you don’t want them driving. You know what I mean?! So emotions in your life are like kids in the car – you can’t put them in the trunk but you don’t want them driving the car so what are you going to do with them?


They’re gonna come…they’re gonna do what they do… just make sure that you don’t try and completely – you know – lock them away cause that doesn’t work and you don’t want them dictating or driving  your life.  They come and go – let them come and go – they are a part of being human so just keep them in the backseat – know that they are there, engage with them as necessary but don’t let them dictate or drive your life.


And just when I thought there couldn’t be more, there was more…


Don’t Pole-Vault Over Mouse Turds


It took me a moment, I had to pause and really think about it. She’s like “Oh yeah…have you ever heard people say don’t make a mountain out of a molehill?”   Well I like to say “Stop pole vaulting over mouse turds!”


She’s like “I find people not only see the situation as WAY bigger than it really is, they also never address the issue” – so there’s the mouse turd and they’re looking at it going “Holy shit – we need some serious sophisticated pole-vaulting!” So they go running back as far as they can and they are looking at the mouse turd and going “Holy shit – I need MORE distance, or FASTER speed or the BEST pole-vault-pole you can possibly get and they spend years finding more, faster or the perfect pole to vault over the mouse turd”.


Perhaps they finally run and go to “vault” over the issue and they stop before actually getting over and they go back and forth and back and forth until they are exhausted or lose interest.  They never experience what it’s like to get beyond this relatively small issue.


There are times when something very small, literally keeps them from having what is they want on the other side.  Upon realizing this we often have a moment or 100s of feeling a bit foolish that we didn’t see or know different.  We all have been here – right?! We spend more time in justification and explanation on behalf of our fears than exploring what’s on the other side.


I have been deeply blessed in my travels to spend time with some amazing people.  Marty is one of my all time favorites.


Here’s to you Marty!  Thank you for all of your words of wisdom!








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