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  • Take a Seat in Your Heart + Soul

    Today, begin.  Create time, no matter how brief, for sacred time today.   Intentional time, space and place.  A time designated by you to take a seat with yourself.  To connect, commune and cr...

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  • Right here, right now.

    Right here, right now is the ONLY place something new and different can occur.  You are standing on the threshold between what has been and what will be… How cool is that?  You are designing your ...

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  • Bold Choices

    It’s not the box that society puts us in that limits who we become it’s the box we put ourselves in. We are the primary authors of the thoughts, words, limitations that do the most damage to our p...

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  • You Don’t “Have” a Breakthrough

    …You “Live” Your Breakthroughs   How many times have you felt like WOW I think I finally understand why I do what I do? This rush of awareness and excitement to see yourself and/or life...

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  • Sometimes Our Biggest Problem

    …Is Not Having a Problem   Throughout my coaching career I have sat with thousands of people and listened to their “problems”. What stops them, what they struggle with and what continuo...

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