light filled days

Light Filled Days

Wow!  It’s officially summer.  The days are exquisitely long and the laughter and energy of our girls fills the house.


Continuing with my theme of “Hour of Power”– this is time designated to sit with myself, to connect, commune and create.  


It is a time that honors tending to myself as one of my greatest resources. It is a time of Intentional learning, loving and living, but at this time of year my practice can be challenged a bit.


Why? Because we all get up earlier, thanks to the amazing natural light pouring through our windows and the girls love to connect in the mornings. Which means for me to have some intentional time, space and place uninterrupted, sometimes it’s at 5am.


As referenced in my previous blog my “Hour of Power” begins with an emptying out. Taking time to clear my mind of thoughts not serving, rinsing my heart and connecting to my intention for the day.


Once I’m emptied of concern, anxiety or heaviness and connected to where I would like to focus my attention, my next step is to explore what inspires me. Starting with my breath, letting my respiration be my inspiration.


Every day is different and while some days may look the same, they all start from a place of listening to myself and allowing that to direct how I will fill my mind and heart. Here are some things I use to inspire me:



Use one of these or something that you know fills you with inspiration and bold love.


I invite you to join me in this practice.


It can be for just a few minutes or it can be as long as you wish. You can design your own practice, one that best suits you.


Let me know what your practice is, how it is serving you by sharing your experience below.


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One response to “Light Filled Days”

  1. Suzanne Boyington says:

    I am getting into a rhythm in the morning and I like it! I get up tend to the dog and then she usually comes and saddles up next to me while I read a verse from the Good Book. Then I reflect and write (type) any an all thoughts. It can be what I read, or how I feel, to new thoughts and ideas I just want to get out. I then write 10 things I am grateful for and if I am bothered by people I write that down too adding that I will send them love today. The gratitude and bothered piece of the day seem to really set me going forward. I find that on the days that I have a struggle to come up with 10 things to be grateful for I have woken up tired or not quite with it. Other days they just flow. But, the big notice is that I overall have a really good day. When I do not do this for whatever reason, I tend to struggle more through the day. I also notice that when I write down what I am bothered by others and send them love….the feeling toward them dissipates. As a matter of fact, this has surprised me most. Have a glorious day!

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