labor and delivery

Labor and Delivery

Two Weeks & Counting


Re-branding, what an experience! It is kind of like a highly publicized, team sport of labor and delivery process.  It takes longer than you think you can endure.  You want it done and out NOW! Everyone has an opinion and most of them you don’t want to hear, simply because the level of blood, sweat, tears, early mornings and late nights awakenings have challenged your nerves and your reasoning. And yet, you remember why you embarked on the journey in the first place and connect to the purpose and passion that drives the creative process.  Honoring the new life that is emerging and ready to be delivered to the world.


Another review of the font, color palettes, copy and logo iterations wondering if you can still discern any difference?  You ask yourself on the final stretch,  “Do I REALLY like this?  Is this REALLY what I want?”  And you realize it’s on its way.  It’s coming whether you want it to or not.  It takes on a life of its own and that’s ultimately what you are looking to create.  And no matter how it comes out there is purpose, love and connection to the life/images/words being birthed.  As my dear friend Edna says, “It’s not done, it’s just due!”  So here is my announcement: In two weeks we go LIVE with all that my team and I have been working on the last several months.


So why the re-brand and why now?  It’s time.  We’re making a commitment to stay real, relevant and to create something myself, my team and most importantly you as our heart tribe feel connected to, proud of and excited to share with the thousands of people in an effort to grow this crazy, cool community.  And it’s time to be ever more bold about what this company has to offer the world.


Why is this important? A big part of my purpose on this planet is sharing strategies, tools and ideas that’ll help people live their biggest possibilities and embody a life they love.  To bring their dreams alive.  Whatever that might be for them.  Through our exciting and engaging new website we can reach people across the globe and offer multiple access points to continue learning and living a life they love.  Also as we become increasingly effective at using the online environment, it will support and enhance our commitment to live workshops and meeting people face to face where we can see, hold laugh and move together in transformation.


At our annual meeting my team played a video where this company has come over the past 16 years.  As the first image flashed on the screen and I heard the song in the background, tears spilled out and I realized indeed just like Journey was singing in the background, I was “just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere”…


And this is where I am today.  What an amazing ride it has been.  As I write this the tears are here again as I look to where we are boldly headed and the lives we will impact with our love and vision.


Here is to a new brand, new possibilities, continued growth and boldly stepping into what’s next for all of us!


With deep gratitude and overflowing love,
– Krista




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