hour of power

Hour of Power

For many years people have asked me, “How do you do all that you do?”


My response is that “I DON’T do it all!”


I drop things, forget things, mess things up. I lose my cool, react and cuss. Each time, I have the opportunity to practice navigating those moments with a sense of humble awkwardness. I am a student of my human-ness…it’s just that I want, plan, and intend to do it all.


So, years ago, I realized if I was going to live a life full of these amazing opportunities it would be wise to take care of my most valuable resource: ME (check out this week’s bold note if you haven’t yet!). I knew I needed to take time each day to connect to myself and my divine life.


From that awareness came what I call my Hour of Power. To be honest, I think it’s something everyone could benefit from. It sets me up each and every day to do all that I can.
Let me explain how it works:


First, let me share my “when”. Given the fullness of my life and all the demands of each day, it has become instrumental that I create time to connect with my essential nature by focusing on greeting the day. We are closest to the subconscious in our morning moments, so this is when I create my sacred time and space.


My Hour of Power starts as soon as I wake up. I immediately create an intentional transition from sleeping to waking and start with a gentle greeting and acknowledgement of myself. I literally say to myself, “Good morning girl, ready to greet the day?” (The answer always has to be yes!)


Then I begin to “cook on all four sides”. Borrowing from the NIA Technique (Non-Impact Aerobics, for those of you who don’t know), I stretch out on my bed and activate each side of my body (front, back, and both sides). This gentle movement stretches me, moves my breath and blood; it activates and enlivens my body for becoming upright and walking through the world.


I take a few minutes to write down my dreams, if I remember them…


Next, I come to my feet, stand, and “choose in” to the day. Choosing in means consciously saying “yes!” to the day.  I find my way to fresh air and sunlight (if possible), even for just a few moments.


I squeeze half of an organic lemon into a quart of water and flush my system as I breathe fresh air and prepare a cup of coffee or tea. I then make my way to my favorite chair and take at least ten deep, intentional  breaths, allowing the breathing to focus my mind and open my heart.  To let myself simply “be”. More to share about this in my coming blogs.


My Hour of Power is quite simply intentional time, space and place. Daily.


It is time designated to sit with myself, to connect, commune and create. It is a time that honors tending to myself as one of my greatest resources. It is a time of intentional learning, loving and living.


I invite you to join me in this practice. It can be for just a few minutes or it can be as long as you wish. You can design your own practice, one that best suits you.  


If you love this please share it. Join us in the love epidemic!


AND…in the coming weeks I will be sharing with you the three primary areas I connect with each day in my Hour of Power that support me “being” and feeling ever more ALIVE.


With deep gratitude and overflowing love,




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8 responses to “Hour of Power”

  1. I have been looking for a way to “refill my well” – give back to myself in order to keep giving it away to all that I come in contact with. I will begin my “hour of power” – Thank you Krista. As always – your wisdom inspires me and your love fills me. Forever grateful and sending you my love.

  2. 🙂 I have always wondered how you do it all. I am beyond excited to create my own practice, following your suggestions.

  3. Jeannie says:

    Krista, I absolutely love this post and totally celebrated an Hour of Power this morning (ok, it was actually 45 minutes). How do you always know exactly when I need a little something, something? Thank you so much for this gift.

  4. Courtney Juarez says:

    Thank You Beautiful Krista, for this AMAZING post! It find’s me at the most divine time! I am committed to recreating time completely dedicated to myself. I choose to wake up each morning with a YES I AM IN IT TODAY!! Bringing awareness to my body and breath first thing from waking, is definitely a great way to greet myself each morning. THANK YOU!!

  5. Sylvia Chamberlain Abdal Khaliq says:

    Thank you! I am reminded that without the “ME” set with me-awareness, me-acknowledgement, and me-grateful and intentional…the WE’Z FAMILY (that being my amazing husband and his 4 amazing children and our small petting zoo of 4 dogs) … are a little more lumpier, bumpier, and grumpier throughout the day. I love the idea and intention of being a Haus Frau with this I found a greater purpose, intention, and vision than ME. More importantly a much greater purpose than ME is being a co-pilot and co-designer of the lives of our 4 children. ..yet in that quiet moment of “choosing in” I find I am going to create a hell-of-a-day for ME!

  6. Deb Lindgren says:

    Krista, I love the cooking all 4 sides, do you know another version for those of us that get up before our partners? ( the only way to capture some quiet am time) thanks.

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