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Elevate – Boldly Embody Life


A year-long coaching and facilitation intensive for those who are ready to raise their power in leadership and create masterful change in their communities.

Magic is something
you create

When you elevate yourself, you elevate your power to help others.

As coaches, we are facilitators of transformation. We help create movement, shift personal and group energies, and cultivate community well-being.


It’s a life calling and an epic responsibility, and if you’ve found this page, you probably don’t take that lightly. But there’s a challenge that almost all of us face: we still get in our own way. We worry about what others think and about doing it “right”.


We have the passion and the desire, but seek the knowledge and experience to make us masterful agents of change.

Elevate isn’t just another coaching and facilitation program.

We don’t stop at a few new 3-step processes and a matrix of specific skills. We go beyond.


Because we know this:


Facilitating change isn’t just about the content: it’s about the being. Your being. And that’s far more impactful than any one tool or skill.


Elevate is an intensive, year-long program that experientially teaches you to shift your own state of mind and energy body in order to shift the states and energies of individuals, groups, and systems.


How did we do it? Since 2011, I’ve been deconstructing and codifying my own coaching and facilitation process to offer an opportunity to others who are deeply passionate and focused on making a difference as a facilitator, coach or simply living intentionally and elevating their life in service to others.


You already have this power within you. At Elevate, you unlearn fear and shift your relationship with judgment in order to learn to trust your gut, intuition, and yourself.



Experience the shift

During your intensive, year-long training with Elevate, you will:

Develop clear purpose as a coach and facilitator

Expand your agility in perspective

Learn skills to unlock the subtleties of human interaction

Create intentional language in questions + distinctions

Master personal awareness


Maintain a responsive command of group dynamics

Learn to negotiate complex, entrenched interpersonal conflicts

Shift emotional states and group energies to yield creative results

Apply supportive and efficient structures and methods for organizing groups and group work

Engage in fostering cultural depth and diversity

Gain sensitivity and skill working with multiple world-views and personality styles

Approach all relationships with greater care, compassion, transformative insight and effective leadership


Our graduates claim direct professional effectiveness as leaders, coaches, and facilitators


Participants come from over 10 states and 25 cities


We’re elevating our game, and seeking ICF accreditation for the Elevate program. Don’t miss the announcement - sign up to receive program updates and to celebrate our big news.

A lifestyle of change

Discover wellbeing

At each Elevate weekend, participants from all over the country convene in the Seattle area for three days where we live in a community, break bread together, and immerse ourselves in learning. We begin each day with a form of mindfulness movement and/or practice to develop our internal space and place.

Absorb + integrate

Each weekend day includes 3 sessions of direct instruction, hands-on practice, peer feedback, and personal skills coaching + facilitation delivered in a sophisticated and lively learning environment. It’s not about memorization, but experience and self-confidence.

Connect deeply

Over the course of the year, we’ll become connected peers as a cohort that supports each other not only in your development as coaches and facilitators, but also as visionaries contributing to humanity. The time spent outside of training sessions is savored within each cohort. Many groups develop a powerful bond and choose to hang out together, and will even plan extra days to explore and experience all the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Keep growing

The work we do is not limited to our in-person weekends. From the moment we say yes, we drop into immediate exploration of self, connecting the dots and integrating what we learn during the weekend intensives. We keep the juices flowing in between, with online support and connection, monthly 1:1 coaching and cohort calls, private social media, lists of outside resources, and more.

It’s a celebration

We fail together and rise together. At the completion of your year-long program, we’ll celebrate your hard work with a completion ceremony customized to the vibe of your cohort. You’ll reflect on where you started and where you’ve come to, alongside your peers.

Who we’re looking for

✓ Self-directed, highly motivated individuals who are passionate about transformational learning


✓ 110% commitment to the program, your cohort, and the experience – for the entire year and beyond


✓ Individuals excited to get pushed way out of their comfort zones


✓ Coaches interested in becoming transformational change agents in the world for individuals and groups alike


✓ People who never stop learning, teaching, and growing

The details

After 7 years of program success with more than 100 Elevate graduates out making a difference, we are pausing to invest time and create the next iteration of Elevate. Yes, we are elevating Elevate!

Sign up below to stay informed about where we are going next, and to be notified when enrollment opens for the next generation of the program.

Elevate fundamentally changed my understanding of what it takes to facilitate sustainable change in people.

– Quddus P., Coach/Facilitator + Humanitarian

This is your journey upward – and outward

Just want to experience a single weekend of personal transformation?

Check out Grace.