You will never happen again

You will never happen again


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4 responses to “You will never happen again”

  1. I would like to acknowledge the beauty and strength that is my little sister, Jaime. She continues to amaze me with her humor and hard work, her willingness to carry on in the face of fear, and her desire to connect with humanity, to heal others, and treat each person who comes into contact with her with dignity and respect. She teaches me about the person I want to be. Love you Jaime!!

  2. Jacqueline Estrella says:

    I acknowledged a friend and co-worker, Andy Howard. A quiet, do whatever it takes, never give up, there is always an answer kind of man. Andy amazes me everyday – I trust him and know together, we are stronger and make a difference. He is a pillar in our company of character, humility, empathy, tenacity, hope, & humor. I am blessed to work with him.

  3. Becky Krapfl says:

    and I’m grateful you exist just the way you are!

  4. Anette Sederquist says:

    Thanks for the reminder love you

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