Where Will You Live?

Where Will You Live?

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2 responses to “Where Will You Live?”

  1. Rafael Antonio Juarez says:

    In 2009, I went through Emotional Intelligence training with Krista as my major teacher. It helped me shift myself into a healthy way to view life.

    In 2013, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The scary thing is that all medical data said it was not serious or urgent. The inner voice I learned to trust by Krista told me to have surgery quickly and they found my prostate 80% consumed. Leakage was uncertain, so I started a hormone treatment regimen and radiation. I complete treatments in September.

    EI taught me to focus on me so I can then help those around me. I start my day and end my day in complete gratitude for all of my many blessings. I also look for joy everywhere and also focus on bringing joy to others. I reject stress by not letting it into my space. I stay in a positive circle of people around me.

    I focus on a clean diet. I cut most red meat from my diet. I eat lots of plants in juices, salads, or in cooked forms. We cook in a pressure cooker to keep the nutrition in. I like raw too. We buy organic to escape pesticides, don’t eat GMO corn or soy. In fact, I try not to eat any soy, or dairy (but I sneak a little cheese on occasion). My ice cream consumption is way down 😉

    I walk/jog 5-6 miles every day. I listen to my body and rest when I’m feeling tired because it usually means I’m fighting off a bug, so I rest to let my body fight the enemy. I make 8 hours of sleep my nightly target. I’m successful sometimes and if I’m not, I catch a nap in the day. I like to wake up gently and put on meditation (soft music) as I transition to wakefullness.

    I feel great for a 65 year old man that still runs Half Marathons.

  2. Hooray Raphael!! What powerful choices you make continually to have a great “place” to live!!
    I went for a walk in my neighborhood after reading this bold note and became acutely aware of how I interpreted the inhabitants of the houses by the way the property looked. Who was meticulous. Who liked style versus livability. Who didn’t give a shit. And this perspective of my internal interpretation led me home. I have no idea who any of them are, and found instead something to appreciate in every abode. Then the awarenss of how my “house” might look to others let me see into me. If I were a neighborhood house there would be some dry patches on my lawn, and toys left out mid-play on my porch. The windows would not be sparkling but there would be various sized fingerprints from the various visitors. The foundation would radiate strength. The paint would look thick because it has been changed many times. And the gate would be open, and most that pass would feel the invitation that is there. I honestly see how my basics are met in my physical body, and there is great strength there. I also see that some maintenence has been put off and that will not sustain long term. And I actually feel excited about doing some of the sprucing up that may not seem like a necessity (massage, self tanner, swimming in the ocean) but will add a sparkle. I live here. This is my home. Keeping it maintained and sustained so it stands up to weather and all that life may bring to it has deep resonance.

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