Rise Up In Your Truth

Rise Up In Your Truth

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3 responses to “Rise Up In Your Truth”

  1. Ceci Quintanilla says:

    Good morning boldly embodied family what’s true for me is love, peace, loyalty and honesty. My truth my aim at this moment is acceptance of me, my life, my surroundings making freedom to be my essence. Sadness has been and is such a big component in my life since my son passsed away but yet feel the joy for his resting place in heaven. Feeling joy and sadness at the same time, not sure any of this makes sense but this is what I am feeling. The joy is real.

  2. Jennifer Jensen says:

    Happy Tuesday Boldly Embody Lifers 🙂
    What is true for me is a state of awe- at this process, at the level of emotion, depth, ritual, connection intention and intuition that was accessed this past weekend at Grace. How EXCITED I am to step in to this process fully and wrap my arms and heart around it.
    My song this morning is Brave by Sara Bareilles

  3. Deb Lindgren says:

    My intention is challenged by events, sadness, loss of a loved one, and yet, my truth stays grounded like my feet in the sand while the tide pulls on me. I’m peaceful in the process and accept events/ challenges.

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