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3 responses to “Magic”

  1. Wow, the magic I create this week. Acceptance and living into certainty by living into uncertainty. Embracing both. Humble to know I don’t know and in that, trusting myself. Being intimacy with some Bloods on Hollywood BLVD at 1 am, strolling the street, spine aligned and strong, looking like a narc, says the feedback. Authoring an epic tale even my ego was refusing to believe until now. The true magic I am creating is allowing my self to 100% believe in my self and the life story I get to write. That belief in self is a magic unlike any other I have experienced. Looking forward to what opens up. :0 > 🙂

  2. Lisa Sandoval says:

    The magic I will create this week will be with my incredible theatre students. I have so much to give and so much to learn. As I near the last few years of this awesome profession, I look to the faces of my high school students to keep all the magic alive and then to lasso it and spread it out to everyone they encounter on their life’s journey! Looking forward to the best year ever!! May the magic abound.

  3. The magic i will create today creating finical abundance. I will create an extra $1000 of income today this month. To reach my goal for the month of August. I will trust my instincts and gain all the way like my file depended on it.

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