Let the body lead….

Let the body lead….



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4 responses to “Let the body lead….”

  1. What comes up most for me around this has to do with eating — what my body wants vs what my mind craves… I find that when I make choices while listening to my body, my mind follows with really positive emotional energy. When I make choices from my head/cravings/old patterns my body feel blah – and the learning continues…. 🙂

  2. CindyLou Houston says:

    I have prayed all these years to be more mindful. Now I pray to be more bodyful. ~CindyLou

  3. Shelbi Nevers says:

    If I let my body lead, my spirit will come alive! I truly believe that the body is our connection to our Divone source, that unknown instinct comes forth more clearly for us when we are in tune with how we sense the world around us. I’m still a work in progress and currently my body is telling me that I have forgotten about it. I’ve been working on my mental, emotional and physical well-being in the last few years; through the process I’ve discovered a deeper and more grateful meaning to life. My passions and truths are coming to the surface, now I’m just working on my health so I have the energy to carry out my dreams.

  4. This week my body has taught me the value of gentle. How gentle touch is so nurturing and makes me feel loved. How gentle my curves are, when looked at kindly. How gentle can be an inviting way of interrupting what needs interrupting. I am learning how patient my body is when waiting for my attention, until its not! But even then, physical symptoms are like taps on the shoulder of my attention – please see me, please be kind to me, please give me what I need. So, this invitation from my body is an opening for me to contribute to my physical well being, and gentle feels good.

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