Fear is a Liar



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2 responses to “Fear is a Liar”

  1. Sensho Wagg says:

    Fear poses as the truth. I guess that’s why it’s considered evil or devilish…but the real truth is that fear isn’t a thing, it’s a thought. And whenever I believe that thought, stringing along to the next and the next, and reaching back into all my history of the same kind of thought, I am stuck in it, with no room for anything right now.
    I have a choice to live with the truth of anything right now, or be stuck in endless repetition of painful fears and doubts.

  2. Juliet pool says:

    Fear limits my response to change. The more fearful I am, the less willing I am to risk.

    Fear limits my leadership abilities. The more fearful I feel about putting myself out there, the more willing I am to fade into the background.

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