Create sacred time…

Create sacred time…

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  1. Vicki Mcmillan says:

    Much like Krista I had the epiphany that to be completely present for my family, friends, workspace and myself I had to create a sacred space and time for my self. Quiet. Mindful. Present. Typically this is early morning. I get that cup of coffee , open my bedroom door to the outdoors ( regardless of weather) climb back into bed and listen..first. Birds, lots of birds.. Feel the air .. Breathe the air, smell the rain, the flowers, the day,. Focus on what I’m feeling .. Maybe bake on all 4 sides. Then I read .. A daily meditation or even several. Then. Journal.. 1 page maybe 10. This practice has changed my life , my energy, and my mental health. It renews my space. It lifts me up and prepares me to take on the day. It reminds me of my strength and purpose.I will never give it up.

  2. Schonda says:

    I have always enjoyed writing. My morning practice started at an early age when I would write letters to God. It was our chat time. As years have passed I still write my letters but also added my 5, 5,5 to my morning practice. At least five minutes of reading that fills me up, five minutes of meditation and 5 minutes of writing. Plus each day a gratitude list.

  3. lisa says:

    I create sacred time and space everyday by making something. I like to be involved in invention. Lately what I make almost everyday is soap or a label for soap. My greatest challenge is to make a clear liquid soap that doesn’t get all bacteria-fied from the water that goes in it. Sometimes I make writing. Inventing something everyday feels sacred to me.

  4. Ahhhh, just thinking about my sacred time and space has me go Ahhhhhh. And I am so grateful to be able to see right here right now how that transitioned from “Whaaaaat?!?!” when I first was invited into this practice. As in “How am I going to add one more thing, where am I supposed to find the time?!?!” My practice is consistency, every day some connection to me that is restorative. So I have a pool of different methods that I dip from – yoga, writing, coffee outdoors, walking in nature, reading, listening to inspirational music or speakers and so on. What I am bold in is EVERYDAY! Sometimes carving out that sweet-spot, sometimes expanding a pocket that is already there, but DAILY giving myself some nourishment and showing myself that what I love matters enough to have the best version of me. Now my practice feeds my practice, and when I hold this time as sacred I hold myself as sacred.

  5. Julie McConnell says:

    I’m grateful for this reminder to help recognize that I’ve let my sacred practices become less important. I’m feeling inspired by the other comments to bring this consistency back and give myself the gift of daily ritual (10 minutes of dancing is my favorite!). Although my consistent daily practices have been sporadic lately, this reminded me that I’ve kept one small but effective ritual alive. During my daily shower, I take a few moments to take some deep cleansing breaths and symbolically allow the water to wash away the thoughts and energy that aren’t serving me down the drain. I feel so healed by water… Ahhhhh. Big love to this community! Namaste!

  6. Marilyn Stuart says:

    I’m very grateful for this time in my life since I’ve retired from my job and have been able to spend time getting to know and love myself better! I spend a lot of time in nature, enjoying & planting in my garden, feeding birds & walking with my dog to the park, the ocean and also practicing meditation as well as yoga. I just turned 65 and feel younger, healthier and more grateful and joyful than I ever had.
    Namaste & blessings to Krista and you all!

  7. CindyLou Houston says:

    I must say I feel you Mary Jo! I feel the Ahhhhhh take me over just thinking about my “ME” time. Each morning as I arise to greet the day I light a candle and use white sage to ‘smudge’, cleansing & purifying my energies as I prepare for the day. Then, two to four times a week I do a 10-30 minute yoga practice that helps me get centered, stretch and strengthen. This helps me empty my mind and allow myself to tune in to just me. My focus is on my breath which I have so much gratitude for happening, all on it’s own without any thought or action from me. Most days I am successful, tho I admit, some days I wake up and just cannot clear out all that chatter. Either way, just honoring myself for whatever is happening in the moment and for taking the time to come to my matt. I end my practice with 5-10 minutes of shivasina, or ‘corpse pose’ with total focus on breath. Ahhhhh, what a way to start my day, and off I go! Thank you Krista, for offering this opportunity to share my “Me” practice! It’s such a joy to see what others do as well. I may borrow some of these great ideas!

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