Bold Note #57: Feel It to Heal It

Bold Note #57: Feel It to Heal It

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One response to “Bold Note #57: Feel It to Heal It”

  1. Erin Griffin says:

    I am in a beautiful and powerful transition with this, years in the making! For so long I didn’t feel strong enough to allow my deepest truths and feelings, or to accept the consequences of LIVING my deepest truths and feelings. While I am lighter and freer than I have ever been, there are people in my life who have yet to accept me as my more authentic self. I get it because I am standing up for what I value, want and need and this is not convenient or comfortable, or even valued, for some in my life. That is okay because I also trust the truth in it’s infinite forms. My word of the year is COURAGE. This way of being is my bridge into honoring what it true for me. Thank you Universe and thank you Krista and BEL! Love, Erin

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