Bold Note #46: A Lot Comes Up When You’re Up to A Lot

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One response to “Bold Note #46: A Lot Comes Up When You’re Up to A Lot”

  1. Erin Griffin says:

    I’m catching up on email this morning and find myself in the perfect time and space to take in this message. A lot comes up when you are up to a lot. I had an amazing experience at work last week that is having unexpected results. We had a facilitator come in to support one of the major teams I am part of. I’ve known him for a long time, he is very good at what he does. I dare say these two hours were probably the most connected and authentic I have felt in this job, or any job, ever. THIS is what I want in my job and in my life. Connected and authentic. I’m not surprised that this experience inspired me to continue and elevate my development as a coach, leader and facilitator. I am surprised that the experience released feelings in and about my job I’ve been resisting… isolated, discouraged, disrespected, invisible. On one hand I am encouraged that my company invested in this opportunity – it was wonderful and affirming. On the other I am wanting to listen to these long denied feelings and vote with my feet with this company. Wow. So yes, major cracks revealed. What I AM doing is taking some time to pause and allow, breathing!

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